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Ul liquidtuff liquidtight flexible steel conduit designed for use as a raceway for power, control and communication. Alflex type rwa reduced wall aluminum flexible metal conduit. Also known as type b, this conduit is more crush and abrasion resistant than liquidtight flexible plastic conduit. This conduit meets nsfansi standard 169 for specialpurpose food equipment. Liquidtight flexible metal conduit is a raceway of circular cross section having an outer liquidtight nonmetallic, sunlightresistant jacket over a flexible metal core. Emt electrical metal tubing is thinwalled, which makes it less expensive and lighter than other metallic rigid conduit types.

Supplementary coating a coating other than the primary coating applied to. Amongst the wide range of products for sale choice, flexible metal conduit is one of the hot items. Galflex type rws reduced wall steel flexible metal conduit. Features an electrical conduit is an electrical piping system used for protection and routing of electrical wiring. The thicker flexible metal conduit is full wall and the thinner wall product is reduced wall flexible metal conduit. Flexible metal conduit, nonmetallic flexible conduit.

Nec article 342 ww5c81 imc is manufactured as a cross between emt and rigid metal conduit rmc. Flexible cable conduit can be constructed from both plastic or metal materials in a corrugated tubing style to facilitate the bendable structure. A leading flexible metal conduit fittings manufacturer supplier. The spiral design makes this conduit more flexible than abrasionresistant liquidtight flexible plastic conduit. Standard and lightweight pa6 nylon conduit is widely used in oem, electrical. Either rigid or flexible, conduit protects the wires and is used in exposed locations, such as along the exterior surface of a wall. Fmc protects electrical wiring in commercial and industrial buildings. All our highperformance products are designed to deliver excellent. The conduit sizes which will accommodate the cables are those with a conduit factor equal or greater than the sum of the cable factors. Imc conduit is lighter weight but some consider it to be stronger than rigid conduit. Electrical conduit is metal or plastic pipe through which electrical wires are run. Description full wall flexible metal conduit high grade zinc galvanized low carbon steel interlocked design corrosion resistant strongest metal conduit available. Southwire 55082121 aluminum flexible metal conduit.

Liquidtight flexible metal conduit fittings specifications installation. Emt conduit provides a smooth raceway for easy wire pulling. Covered by article 358 of the nec, emt is available in trade sizes 12 through 4. Emt is the type of metallic nonflex conduit we offer at. Our aluminum rmc nipples, elbows and couplings adhere to the following standards. Shop conduit and a variety of electrical products online at. Flexible metal conduit for commercial and industrial use. Flexible conduit is available for special purposes. Liquidtight flexible metal conduit fittings all our highperformance products are designed to deliver excellent reliability as well as ease of installation in virtually any application. To specify, rigid steel conduit include the following. Primary conduit size varies, contact bge representative for actual sizes.

Armored cable and flexible metal conduit connectors. Ul and csa type lfmc 6200 series afc cable systems. Default material is zinic alloy, stainless steel also workable for us. Choose from rigid conduit, emt conduit and schedule 40 and schedule 80 types in 12 to 6 dia. To couple 38 flexible metal conduit to 12 emt conduit. In the market, metal flexible conduit fittings thread is metric and gpf. Electrical conduit may be made of metal, plastic, fiber, or fired clay. Metal flexible conduit fittings are widely used to connect flexible metal conduit or pvc coated flexible conduit. Table of contents 004 005 overview 006 011 electrical metallic tubing emt fittings 012 020 rigid conduit imc fittings 021 022 nonmetallic sheathed cable fittings 023 028 armored cable flexible metallic conduit fittings 029 032 accessoesi r 033 035 liquidtight flexible metallic conduit fittings. In this standard it is steel rigid metal conduit, intermediate metal conduit, or electrical metallic tubing, designed for enclosing and protecting electrical, communications, signaling and optical fiber wires and cables.

Electriflex offers the broadest variety of liquidtight flexible metal conduits, ranging from ul listed and csa certified products to specialized conduits designed. Size size a b c 5229 14 14 2732 8 1532 5330 38 516 6364 8 1532 u. Flexible metal conduit, liquid tight flexible metal. Liquidtight flexible metal conduits 8007576996 ul and csa type lfmc 6200 series scope. Bge shall specify the number, size and configuration of ducts. Flexible is a leading manufacturer of flexible metal conduit, liquid tight nonmetallic flexible conduit, metallic fittings, nonmetallic fittings, nonmetallic corrugated conduit, amored optical fiber cable etc. An electrical conduit is a tube used to protect and route electrical wiring in a building or structure. Afc cable systems flexible metal conduits are available in many different options ranging from reduced wall to full wall, from extra flexible to extra slinky styles flexible metal conduit is available with two different wall thicknesses. And you benefit from our expertise through our liquidtight and dusttight connections available for a variety of conduits as well as portable cord. Flexible metallic conduit fittings cooper industries. Manufacturer of flexible metal conduit steel flexible conduit, liquid tight steel flexible conduit british standard, pvc coated steel flexible conduit and stainless steel flexible conduit offered by united power, indore, madhya pradesh.

Alflex type swa standard wall aluminum flexible metal conduit. Flexible metallic conduit connectors graybar store. Check this box to show only items that are usually for picking up from your selected location. At the end of its life, the steel may be fully recycled. Flexible metal conduit flexes to make connections in hardtoreach places. Helaguard pcs galvanised steel conduit, pvc coating. Cable capacities of conduit the following tables give guidance of the calculation of the number of singlecore p. It can be cut to length and paired with outlet bodies, covers, gaskets, fittings, and other components to create a flexible conduit system for protecting and supporting electrical wiring. Flexible metal conduit fmc has a spiral construction that enables it to snake through walls and other structures. Flexible conduit system flexible galvanized steel conduit is suitable for concealed, exposed, or approved raceways. The conduit features a smooth metal interior for easy wiring pulling. The pages that follow detail the most diverse flexible electrical conduit line in the world, with respect to available sizes, types and colors.

Conduit metallic conduit straight steel emt conduit. To create this article, 11 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. Tested and certified for safety our rigid metal conduit is listed to ul standard for safety for electrical rigid metal conduit steel, ul 6. Most conduit is rigid, but flexible conduit is used for some purposes. Liquidtight flexible metal conduit lfmc is a special type of fmc that has a plastic coating. Flexible metal conduit conduit fittings and mountings.

Metallic conduit conduit grainger industrial supply. Here are you can find all kinds of high quality flexible conduit connectors. Liquidtight flexible metal conduit fittings our liquidtight line is the endall for liquidtight dusttight connections. In addition to its extremely malleable properties, flex conduit can be easily cut to size to reduce waste and therefore cost. It is also used in unfinished areas, like basements, crawlspaces, and attics, and for surfacemounted installations outdoors. China flexible metal conduit, flexible metal conduit. Full wall steel flexible metal conduit afc cable systems. Intermediate metal conduit imc our imc conforms to. A slightly thinner gauge than rmc, imc is light but strong.

Flexible metal conduit fittings flexible conduit pipe. Ultratite type nmhc hotcold liquidtight flexible nonmetallic conduit. Attach conduit to a knockout in an outlet box or enclosure. Check this box to show only items that are usually in stock for your selected location. Electrical metallic tubing emt, also commonly called thinwall, is a listed steel raceway of circular cross section, which is unthreaded, and nominally 10. Liquidtight flexible metal conduit is permitted to be used for exposed or concealed work, in dry, damp or wet locations indoors and outdoors. Sealproof 12inch flexible nonmetallic liquidtight electrical conduit type b, ul listed, 12 dia, 100 feet, made in usa 4. This conduit is intended for installation in accordance with article 350 of the nec ansinfpa70 and in section 14.

Master bundle quantities conform to nema standard rn2. Intermediate metal conduit imc provides a lighter weight, lowercost solution for jobs that require the same strength as galvanized rigid steel conduit. Imt intermediate metal conduit, as its name implies, is lighter than rmc, but heavier than emt. Conduit is generally installed by electricians at the site of installation of electrical equipment. Conduit is constructed with galvanized steel, aluminum or stainless steel core, regular or.

When used with sealed fittings, it becomes watertight. A total of two 2 90degree bends are allowed in the conduit line i. Hot dipped galvanized steel 38 114 squarelock prol e with continuous bonding strip 112 4 fully interlocked prol e flexible pvc. Carlon conduit and fittings produits dinstallation.

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