Ncis los angeles season 8 episode 21 couchtuner

Ncis season 8 episode 21 ncis season 8 episode 21 posted by. Following the kidnapping of sams wife, michelle hanna, sam goes rogue from the ncis team and attempts to stop his arch nemesis tahir khaled from ever targeting his family again. Season 8 ends with sam going rogue from the ncis team in an attempt to stop tahir khaled from targeting his family again. Chegwidden works with the team when a navy captain kidnaps a va administrator who has been siphoning funds. Fortunately, the group was able to recover the missing designs for nuclear weapons. An undercover ncis agent is taken into custody when he is suspected of working for the smuggler he is supposed to be. Deeks goes undercover to obtain information on a former arms dealer who is seeking to get back in business. Sam assumes a former alias in a risky undercover operation to take down an elusive drug lord. Scott gemmill as showrunner and executive producer. Commitment issues the ncis team investigates the murder of a naval warfare engineer at a spoken poetry event. The season was produced by cbs television studios, with r. Heres everything showbiz cheatsheet knows about ncis.

A report from variety in late march said that ncis. April 23, 2017 hettys former vietnam war colleagues partner with ncis after a former navy commander kidnaps a. The first season of the american television series ncis. In the process, deeks befriends a female source who takes the investigation in a. Couchtuner tv ncis ncis season 8 ncis season 8 episode 21 ncis season 8 episode 21 posted by. Episode 15 the circle 5 sources anna kolcheck returns to warn callen that he is in danger and he must now work with an archenemy to stop an underground trafficking ring. The eighth season of the police procedural drama ncis premiered on september 21, 2010 in the same time slot as the previous season the season story arc involves zivas largelyunseen boyfriend, ray, and the cia continuing to meddle in ncis s daytoday workings.

After a highly decorated navy captain, charles langston, kidnaps a veterans affairs administrator who has been siphoning funds, the ncis team must work with hettys former vietnam war colleagues, nowretired admiral aj chegwidden and admiral sterling bridges to solve the case. By assuming false identities and utilizing the most advanced technology, this team of highly trained agents goes deep undercover, putting their lives on the line in the field to bring down their targets. The ncis believed he was hiding a secret of his own. Episode 14 commitment issues 8 sources the ncis team investigates the murder of a naval warfare engineer at a spoken. In fact, if it were up to me, your trial would look like something straight out of salem, the only difference being those poor women were innocent.

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